GLS Lighting and Controls informs teachers of new technology


Melissa May

During one of the presentations throughout the day, the GLS team shined different lights onto a multicolored poster to see how the colors would be altered.

Melissa May, Arts Writer

On Tuesday, October 15, GLS Lighting and Controls visited Fossil Ridge High School in the hopes of informing and educating people on their products and how to successfully operate and manage their equipment. They were set up in the Performing Arts Center throughout the day and offered different workshops and presentations for teachers and students at the school.

Melissa May
GLS Lighting and Controls provided informative workshops in which teachers and students could learn about stage lighting.

GLS Lighting and Controls was founded in 2003 and specializes in services such as control and programming of different aspects of technology, like lighting. They are best known for their theater technology and their products that help with different parts of stage lighting and coloring.

Melissa May
Theater productions take a lot of behind-the-scenes work to make the final product look good, and one of the cornerstones of production is the lighting.

They came to Fossil for the “Colorful Colorado Roadshow,” in which they taught about lighting systems and color and controls. They spent the day doing different workshops and trainings which discussed not only their new products, but also taught how to work their existing products. They had workshops for teachers, and offered some for students as well in order to educate them on the theater technology that they use in the school, such as different lighting control systems and photo sensor systems.

Melissa May
In the PAC, different lights and designs were projected to show some of the different features of the lighting equipment.

The people who were leading these workshops seemed happy to do so and to inform others about their products. “It is really cool getting to go to different schools and teach these workshops, and just getting to help people out, in general, is such a great thing,” explained Shane Lacey, principal of GLS.